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Patient Testimonial: Joann

I have waited 20 years to have my tummy tuck. I decided to just get it done I couldn't be happier. I had 4 kids and had the "Mommy Pouch" I hated tucking my pouch into my pants. I was a whole size bigger because of extra skin/pouch. Dr. Von Maur was an awesome doctor that did an amazing job. I was a size 18 I lost 50lbs. went to size 10 I had a tummy tuck and now a size 6/8 and it's only been 2 months. The 1st 4 days are the toughest but after that its a breeze. Maria is an awesome nurse. She and all the staff are very polite and sweet. Thanks for giving me my life back. I haven't felt this amazing in a long time. 

Abdominoplasty Surgeon Review Case #1004353
Dr. Burr von Maur