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Patient Testimonial: Jennifer

3 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty...

Pretty scary changing something that stands out on your face. I decided to get rhinoplasty for the 2nd time!! Even though first surgery (not performed at Cosmeticare) was improvement. I wanted to shave the remaining bump and shorten the tip of my nose. Dr. Niccole promised me it would be subtle and still look natural. That was my greatest concern. That and price. After looking over few simulations I move forward quickly with the surgery. The 2 year financing helped make it more affordable. 

Surgery went smoothly though was more invasive than anticipated. They took cartilage from my ear and added implant to reinforce. To everyone's surprise I healed quite quickly and had barely bruising left when they took the cast off 6 days later. Though I can't wait to see the final outcome which can take up to 6 months! I love my new improved nose. It's straight and symmetrical and to my greatest relief still looks very natural. Thank you Doctor!! I feel beautiful! 

Screenshot of Dr. Niccole Review from Rhinoplasty Surgery Case #1008217
Dr. Niccole