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Patient Testimonial: Janet

I am thrilled with my results. Dr. Von Maur gave me exactly what I requested. I wanted to look like myself only turn back the clock. I look natural when I tell people I have had a mini face lift they always ask who performed my surgery. My internist and dermatologist both said my Dr. Von Maur is amazing. I looked very good at three weeks post surgery. The surgery was not very painful and I was happy about that. I also had my upper eyelids done for the second time. I feel Dr. Von Maur did a much better job than the original surgeon. I am so happy with the way I look and I feel great and I am thankful for all the help his staff gave me Monica and Ana were there for me always.  

Blepharoplasty Surgeon Review Case #1000901
Blepharoplasty Surgeon Review Case #1000901
Dr. Burr von Maur