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Patient Testimonial: Elizabeth T.

Hi my name is Elizabeth, but I go by Lisa. I normally don't do too many reviews, but after my experience I absolutely HAD to and couldn't help but share. I couldn't stress this anymore, Dr. Von Maur is the absolute best out there!! I promise you. I had such low self-esteem and low confidence when it came to my nose. I had been made fun of my entire life. It has caused so many fun of my entire life. It has caused so many tears. I saw many different plastic surgeons for consults over the years, but never really found "the one" who stood out and just felt right to me. After meeting with Dr. Von Maur and staff everything just felt so right. They were all so friendly and helpful. Dr. Von Maur exceeded my expectations and I literally feel like I have the world's perfect nose. Seriously, I can't stop looking in the mirror. From being embarrassed of my nose to wanting to show it off and being seen.

Dr. Von Maur