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Patient Testimonial: Dora

In 1997 after being a fitness trainer I feel my body needed a make over. I met with Dr. Von Maur to discuss my options. During the initial consult we discussed the appearance I wanted. He was very professional in every way. He listened to me, and answered all my questions. He put me at ease because he listens to what is important to me. 

Tummy Tuck 1997, Breast Reduction Breast Lift 2005,

Mid Face Lift 2006 Fat Transfer Butt Lift 2013

Pain management was discuss in great deal. A list of pre procedure medication as well as post procedure medication was provided. Possible side effects of all medications was discussed in detail as well as the period of time each medication would be taken. He wants you understand each procedure and how he plans to achieve the best results.

Each procedure gave me better results than I had hoped for. They exceeded my expectations giving me the look that I wanted and more. Dr. Von Maur has my highest recommendation.

After care and it's importance was clearly explained. All return visits were performed in a timely and professional manner keeping patient discomfort to a minimum. Dr. Von Maur and his staff provide A-1 service by providing the very best care in a wonderful environment.

Comments From My Husband:

I found meeting with Dr. Von Maur and discussing the procedures that my wife wanted much different than I expected. He was very open and easy to talk to. He took the time to answer all of my questions. I found the doctor to be an extreme professional in every way. I am (extremely happy) with how each surgeries came out. I would highly recommend Dr. Von Maur. For all husbands and boyfriends who read this you will be very happy men.

Fun to look at, even more fun to play with.

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