Tighten Your Skin Without Surgical Incisions

Finally, the long-awaited scarless skin tightening is available at CosmetiCare. FaceTite and BodyTite are new and revolutionary minimally invasive procedures that are proven effective for tightening skin without surgical incisions, painful recovery or extended downtime. These procedures use Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL), and are able to deliver results previously only achieved with more extensive surgical procedures. FaceTite and BodyTite are great options for patients who want to make life-changing improvements to their face or body without going under the knife.

BodyTite Might Be For You If:

  • You have considered having a body contouring procedure such as a tummy tuck but are concerned about the pain, scars, or the downtime
  • You are concerned about the pain, scars, and downtime that are involved with more invasive body contouring procedures like tummy tucks
  • You have diet and exercise-resistant areas of stubborn excess fat
  • You are healthy with no medical conditions that can impair the healing process
  • You have realistic goals when it comes to the appearance of your body
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Best Rated BodyTite in Newport Beach and Orange County

Let our team of experts help you achieve a smoother, more contoured body.


“From the moment I chose CosmetiCare, I knew I made the right decision.  Everyone was so welcoming and helpful along the way.  I absolutely love my results and can’t say thank you enough!.”

– Courtney R.

The Benefits of BodyTite

BodyTite is a proven effective method for reducing fat in targeted areas and tightening the skin. If you are a good candidate, BodyTite has several advantages over more invasive body procedures. Here are the benefits you can expect from BodyTite treatment.

No Large Incisions: Other methods of body contouring often require larger incisions for cannulas to be inserted. However, BodyTite only uses small incisions with minimal scarring.

Smooth results: Patients report seeing immediate results after the treatment.

Contraction of skin: Results will vary from patient to patient. However, patients can experience up to 47% skin contraction in as early as two weeks. Final results will be seen in between around three to six months.

No general anesthesia required: This treatment only requires local anesthesia, meaning that you are awake throughout the entire procedure but will feel no pain.

Quick recovery: Patients can expect the recovery process to only last up to seven days.

How does it work?

Similar to liposuction, BodyTite will help target areas of excess fat. Unlike liposuction, this treatment uses radiofrequency energy to liquefy and remove fat from problem areas while tightening the skin. Thermal energy is applied under the above the skin so that fat removal and skin tightening can be done simultaneously.

The surgeon uses a combination of local anesthetic and epinephrine to control pain and decrease bleeding to facilitate fat removal. The fat then swells and hardens for even easier removal. Eventually, that fat will dissolve and be eliminated from the body by way of its natural process. At the same time, the skin will tighten.

Who is a Good Candidate?

BodyTite can tighten skin and reduce fat in targeted areas of the body. It’s ideal for those who are interested in dramatic results but aren’t convinced they should go under the knife.

It is up to your surgeon to determine if you are a good candidate before deciding to continue with the BodyTite Procedure. The best candidates:

  • Are in good general health
  • Have moderate skin laxity
  • Are within 30% of their ideal weight

Patients who have experienced the following may also benefit from the procedure:

  • Weight fluctuations
  • Pregnancy
  • Natural aging

Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not good candidates for the procedure, along with those with autoimmune diseases, skin diseases/infections, and anyone with allergies to local anesthetics.

What areas of the body can BodyTite treat?

BodyTite treatments are most effective for contouring and tightening problem areas where they may be excess skin. However, loose skin is not a requirement. It is also a great compliment to liposuction. This procedure can treat the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Breasts 
  • Tights
  • Love handles
  • Knees

What is the BodyTite procedure like?

The BodyTite Process is fairly simple.

  1. Anesthesia 

You will be administered a local anesthetic into the treatment areas. 

  1. Incision

The surgeon will then insert a small cannula, or tube, through a small incision in the skin. The cannula will deliver radio frequency energy into the treatment area. This makes the skin and other tissues contract while the fat liquifies. The energy is focused in the areas of fat so that only fat cells are liquefied, and no harm is caused to the nearby tissues.

  1. Suction

Next, the liquefied fat is suctioned out through the cannula. For maximum safety, safeguards control the skin temperature.

One session of treatment can last anywhere from one to three hours, depending on how many areas are targeted.

Body Tite Recovery

Immediately after treatment, patients can go home with no sutures. Patients can typically resume regular activities shortly thereafter. After the treatment is completed, patients sometimes report that they feel sore or tender. The minimally invasive nature of this particular procedure makes for a speedy recovery. Within just a few days, symptoms will subside and you’ll feel like yourself again.

Patients may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the form of tightness. Some surgeons will recommend a compression garment during the initial stages of healing, at least two weeks.

Most patients are able to begin exercising again within just a few days, but it’s always important to discuss your personal timeline with your doctor. We recommend no aggressive workouts for at least two weeks, but normal activity and walking are encouraged to promote circulation.

It’s important to note that, if liposuction accompanies BodyTite treatment, then recovery time and advise will change. Always remember to talk to your doctor during your consultation to get all of the necessary details about your recovery.


Results can take up to six months to appear, but they are long-lasting. BodyTite treatment can last for years as long as the patient maintains their ideal, healthy weight.

Are there side effects?

As with any other type of treatment, BodyTite does have some potential side effects, most of which are minor. Some patients may feel uncomfortable tightness, but these feelings and sensations do subside after some time.

BodyTite vs Liposuction

BodyTite is often accompanied by liposuction to remove any excess skin that could result from liposuction. However, BodyTite itself is known for its ability to target areas of stubborn fat, just like traditional liposuction.

Traditional liposuction involves invasive surgery that targets stubborn fat. Liposuction alone has no skin tightening benefits, so sagging can occur because of the procedure. Here’s a comparison of the benefits of both liposuction and BodyTite.


Liposuction requires general anesthesia, whereas BodyTite requires only local anesthesia because there are smaller incisions.

What it does

Liposuction sucks out fat and may leave behind loose skin, while the alternative treatment liquefies fat for removal and uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin.


Liposuction may result in large scars. Surgeons have techniques for placement of incisions so that the scars are hidden underneath clothing. However, BodyTite provides minimal scars that fade over time.


Recovery for liposuction can last weeks while recovery for BodyTite is approximately two to three days.

Number of treatments required

BodyTite usually accomplishes its mission in one treatment, although, some patients may need two. Liposuction, on the other hand, only requires one.


While results for each treatment are patient-specific and depend on the area and amount of fat removed, BodyTite allows patients to see initial results immediately after the procedure. Best results are visible after 6-12 weeks.

Liposuction requires about three to nine months before patients can see noticeable improvements. Final results appear after about one year.

What else can BodyTite Do?

Surprisingly, BodyTite can lift the breasts. The breasts and arms can be lifted as the skin tightens. Over time, skin can lose its collagen, especially in the chest area. BodyTite promotes collagen production in these areas while tightening the skin and lifting the breasts.

Is BodyTite Safe?

BodyTite is safe and effective. Patients can expect fewer risks and complications when compared to conventional liposuction methods. However, there are small risks of infection, minor swelling, and bruising.

How much does BodyTite cost?

The best way to determine whether BodyTite is right for you is to schedule a consultation. If you’ve considered  liposuction, a tummy tuck or any surgical methods to get rid of stubborn fat and loose skin but are concerned about going under the knife, ask your doctor about BodyTite.

Your surgeon takes your health and wellness seriously, so they will be the one to help you decide which treatment method is right for you. Remember to always be honest during your consultation and stay realistic about your goals.

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Doctors and nurses here are really good to answer questions and make sure you feel comfortable. Thank you to Dr V for everything…


2 months ago

I went to one of CosmetiCares events, we got to see a live demo with cheek injections and cool sculpting. They do amazing work here…


December 11, 2018

I have been a patient of Dr. Niccole for over 20 years now with multiple breast surgeries. I am NEVER disappointed with the QUALITY…


December 13, 2018

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