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Time aside, there are countless factors aging our appearance. At CosmetiCare, our mission is to share the best treatment solutions so you can always Love the Way You Look™.

  • Looking to hydrate your skin with a cocktail of antioxidants, peptides, and collagen?
  • Wanting to vacuum out blackheads and other impurities from deep within your pores?
  • Is dewey congestion-free skin on your to-do list?

All About HydraFacial

The Hydrafacial facial treatment is a device that delivers exfoliation, cleansing, extraction, and hydration to your skin. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, and aids in the removal of dirt, dead skin cells, debris, and impurities all while soothing the skin.

Instant Glowing Skin

The Hydrafacial is a one-hour treatment that involves cleansing, extracting, dermaplaning, and a customized booster based on your needs (add-on)


Cleansing and Exfoliation with Hydradermibrasion

Our Aesthetician starts by using a small Vortex Exfoliation tip to cleanse the surface of the skin. This removes any dirt, debris from makeup, and dead skin cells while gently exfoliating the skin.


Gentle Chemical Peel with Glycolic and Salicyclic Acids

Eliminates blackheads and any acne-causing bacteria deep in your pores.


Extraction and Hydrate

Using Hydrafacial’s powerful vacuum-like suction to remove blackheads and any remaining impurities from deep within your pores. Next, your facial infuses a targeted serum—a customized cocktail that includes hydrating ingredients, antioxidants, peptides, and collagen.


Tailoring Your Treatment

We offer several boosters that specifically target certain skin concerns. During your treatment, our Aesthetician will assess your skin and determine the best booster for you! Our Hyrdafacial Boosters: Glysal Peel, Dermabuilder, CTGF, and Britenol

Procedure At-A-Glance


(Non-Surgical, In-Office)

Healing Downtime


Optimum Results

Immediate results

Frequently Combined With

Chemical peels such as the VI Peel or DSE Peel

Five-Star Results From Award-Winning MedSpa

CosmetiCare is one of the most recognized names in aesthetic services throughout the nation. With a carefully selected team of award-winning practitioners and more than 100,000 stories of transformation for over 35 years, we are committed to helping you Love the Way You Look™.


Actual CosmetiCare Patient

4.5/5 based on 359 reviews

“I am so happy I took the plunge to visit Jessica for a Hydrafacial. First off, she is adorable and so very fun, but most of all, she really knows what she is doing and takes extra steps to ensure she is understanding your skin’s needs and treating you with special care. My skin already looks so much better after one facial. So much so that my husband actually thought I had makeup on when I got home. This will be a part of my monthly self-care routine for sure!”

Andrea C.

Actual CosmetiCare Patient

Look & Feel Your Best, With Confidence







Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a HydraFacial Platinum Cost?

Starting Price: $375

What are the benefits of a HydraFacial Platinum?

The many benefits of a HydraFacial Platinum include a more hydrated, glowing, and clear complexion. It also works to combat acne, acne scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles.

What is the downtime of a HydraFacial Platinum?

There is absolutely no downtime to this treatment.

Is the HydraFacial Platinum treatment customized to my skin needs?

Absolutely. Our aesthetician makes each HydraFacial treatment completely customized to your personal skin care conditions and needs.

Is a HydraFacial Platinum painful?

No, this treatment is not painful. You mail feel some slight pressure and tingling during the extraction and serum phase, but it is completely tolerable. 

How long will my HydraFacial Platinum results last?

The hydration and smooth appearance of the skin may last up to 7 days after your first intial treatment. We recommend one HydraFacial Platinum treatment were month to continue to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and acne scarring.

How do I know if I need a HydraFacial Platinum?

The HydraFacial Platinum is good for any skin type. It is the perfect treatment for anybody looking to rid their skin of any debris and impurities, and have a fresh, smooth look and feel.