Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

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It is hard to feel sexy with breasts that droop or sag. Thankfully, you have a proven surgical option: breast lift. Orange County women who are unhappy with their breast shape and fullness can repair the effects of gravity, age, weight loss, pregnancy and breast-feeding by choosing a breast lift procedure from CosmetiCare.

By eliminating sagging breast skin, repositioning breast tissue and elevating the nipples, a breast lift can help patients regain a more youthful look and feel better about themselves.

Women can achieve a younger, more attractive look with breast lift. At the Newport Beach and Long Beach locations of CosmetiCare, our plastic surgery specialists understand that achieving the look you want can help you live the life you want. Request a consultation to learn more about the procedure from our surgeons.

What Do I Need to Know? 

There are three types of breast lift procedures our Orange County cosmetic surgeons use. The technique that’s right for you will depend on such factors as your breast size and the amount of droopiness you have.

  • Mastopexy or Full Breast Lift is the most invasive lift procedure and is typically performed on women with much larger breasts, a significant amount of drooping and whose nipple placement has dropped dramatically due to pregnancy or weight loss.
  • Benelli or “Donut” Lift is a less invasive modified approach, and an option for those women who have less sagging skin but have experienced nipple position dropping and as a result, breasts are not as perky. The incision is around the areola only and the nipple is positioned up, slightly higher for a more youthful breast appearance.
  • Crescent Lift is the least invasive of the breast lift procedures. This modified lift is typically for younger women or those with smaller breasts and minimal sagging. It involves only a small, crescent shaped incision, usually above the areola. The surgeon is able to take out a small piece of skin above the nipple and simply perk the nipple up slightly. This same type of incision is the most common choice for women having only breast enlargement surgery who do not require any type of lift.

NOTE: Through modified versions of a breast lift, the surgeon is more limited to the amount of lift he or she can accomplish for patients. Your surgeon will examine the size and position of your breasts in order to recommend which type of lift procedure will provide you with the best possible results.

Am I a Candidate? 

Women from all walks of life have chosen a breast lift at CosmetiCare, including those who:

  • Have been left with less volume and sagginess due to pregnancy or breast-feeding. However, those who are planning to have more children may want to postpone the procedure.
  • Have lost a significant amount of weight and as a result their breasts have become droopy with much excess skin and lack fullness.
  • Have asymmetry or uneven breasts, where one side may be larger and droopier than the other.
  • Have sagging breasts due to age or genetics and cannot achieve the results they desire with only breast implants.
  • Have small, sagging breasts. Any size breast can be lifted but those with heavy or large breasts may not experience the long lasting results that a smaller breasted woman can. Women with smaller breasts may want to consider a breast augmentation in addition to their breast lift procedure.

How Will I Look & Feel Afterward?

  • Immediately following surgery your breasts will be wrapped and fitted with a sports bra that you will wear for several days.
  • Your breasts may be bruised, swollen and uncomfortable for the first few days. Any discomfort or soreness can be controlled with medication.
  • You may experience some numbness around your nipples and breast skin temporarily. Once your swelling begins to subside, feeling should return.
  • Most women return to work within a week or so, but activity level should be kept at a minimum.
  • Avoid lifting anything too heavy in the first three to four weeks.
  • Sex should be avoided for four to six weeks. Strenuous activity, such as sports, should be avoided during the first month.

Our breast lift patients have reported that they are extremely happy following surgery. Many women, several months after surgery have stated how thrilled they were to be able to buy new clothes including, lingerie and other items that they had not worn for quite some time. Having the option to not wear a bra is also something women are happy about. Surgery should not affect your ability to nurse in the future. Milk ducts and nipples are left intact during the procedure.

Request a consultation online with one of the plastic surgeons at CosmetiCare. You can also contact us at 949-537-2376 to schedule your appointment. With convenient locations on Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach and Bayside Drive in Newport Beach, CosmetiCare makes it easy to look your best in Southern California.