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While men are generally perceived as less attentive when it comes to skincare, the habit of cleansing, shaving, moisturizing and maintenance is still important. Men have thicker skin types and don’t wear makeup like women do, but shaving is a different matter altogether. The razors can cause irritation, bumps, roughness, cuts and other skin issues, but these can be prevented with the right type of men’s products and a proper skincare routine.
Turo Skin is considered a high-end skincare line that caters specifically to men’s personal care. Tailored and formulated to support the active man’s lifestyle, every item in this brand’s personal grooming collection is designed for easy and convenient use. 

Turo Skin 3 in 1 Shower Gel ($24)  

Men don’t like to use a lot of products, so this set is a good investment. The shower gel provides cleansing power, plus conditioning and moisturizing benefits to the skin. With each use, you instantly feel the results. 
The product does hydrate and moisturize effectively, leaving the skin supple. Because this contains plant-based extracts, the shower gel doesn’t irritate the skin. You can’t expect to achieve the same results from shower gels you buy at drugstores for a fraction of Turo Skin’s cost. 

Turo Skin SPF 15 Moisturizer ($30)

Wearing sunscreen seems to be an SOP these days with the sun’s rays becoming more unbearable that protecting the skin is vital. For men who generally think sunscreens feel icky, Turo Skin’s formula is different - light and non-irritating, in fact. It dries rather quickly after a few minutes of application, and it leaves a nice scent. 
A couple of days’ use and you should start seeing some improvement in your skin’s texture. This is because the sunscreen is also infused with moisturizers to sooth dry skin. For better all-day coverage, apply more than once a day, especially when staying outdoors for longer periods.

Turo Skin’s Shaving Cream ($30)

Forget about the highly advanced razors, it’s the shaving cream that really counts with men’s hair grooming. Turo Skin’s shaving cream is one fascinating product. It has the consistency of a cream when applied, but turns into a foamy substance within seconds, delivering a cleaner shave. This product is also infused with moisturizing agents that not only deliver anti-aging benefits, it also protects the skin from razor burns. 
All these items come in a $75 gift set, too, packaged nice and simple, and perfect for carrying at the gym, during travels, or at work. 
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