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Orange County is home to over 1000 parks, Fortune 500 companies, popular surfing spots, Little Saigon and about 40 miles of coastline. The weather here is near-perfect, making it an ideal place to visit the beach and popular attractions all year round. Orange County is also the home of several celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Steve Martin, Kevin Costner and Tiger Woods.

It's close to Hollywood so don't be surprised if Orange County is the shooting location for several movies and TV shows that include That Thing You Do, The Sopranos and American Horror Story. Huntington Beach, the Old County Courthouse and Laguna Beach are some of the popular filming locations in Orange County. If you love beautiful sunsets, the Huntington Beach Pier is the perfect spot for this.

Stunning Beaches and Incredible Parks

Orange County's beaches and parks are a real gem. The endless stretch of fine sand, picturesque views, sunsets and sunrises, rich marine life, exciting outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes await you at Orange County. Visiting at least a couple of beaches and family-friendly parks are a must here.

The Best Version of Your Self

If you'll be taking lots of photos with beaches and great landscapes as the backdrop, it will be better to look your best. We mean that both inside and out. Become the best version of who you are by having a positive outlook on life, being optimistic and having a younger-looking appearance.

Let meditation take care of your inner peace, an active lifestyle to have a better health and Cosmeticare to take care of your physical look. We have a range of cosmetic treatment available for you.

Why Choose Cosmeticare

One of our doctors and the founder of Cosmeticare, Dr. Michael Niccole, won an award not just once but twice for being the best Cosmetic Surgeon in Orange County Weekly Best Cosmetic Surgeon 2018. His outstanding patient care and work are a few reasons why you should have your treatment with us.

Competent Orange County Plastic Surgeons

All of our medical doctors have extensive experiences in cosmetic surgery and are board- certified. Each one of them has their own cosmetic specialization that will cater to your needs. All of them are experts at plastic surgery Orange County best practices.

Approval on Financing

Cosmeticare offers different financing options for your aesthetic goals. Don't worry, we can help! You can apply at our office or through our accepted creditors.

Wide Range of Surgical and Non-Surgical

Procedures for Breast, Body and Face

Having a good physical appearance can improve one's confidence. At Cosmeticare, we aim to help you look best. Our Orange County Plastic Surgeons are experts on different cosmetic procedures such as these:

Surgical Results Without Surgery

With BodyTite and FaceTite, a scarless skin tightening, you can greatly improve your body and face without actually going under the knife. You will most likely qualify if you're a healthy adult without any medical condition, realistic, have excess fat and doesn't want any scars or pain in a cosmetic procedure. These two procedures eliminate painful recoveries and incisions.

BodyTite and FaceTite are perfect for adults who want to get rid of excess and unwanted body fats. It's safe and proven effective to the best candidates.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Fat grafting and fat transfer are the contouring procedures involved in Brazilian Butt Lift. Through an Orange County liposuction, the patient's fat is harvested and transfered to either the outer hips and/or the buttocks to achieve a desirable result. With the patient's own fat, it's a good alternative than implants.

You are a good candidate if you're physically healthy and have no medical conditions. Some patients may be asked to gain more weight for better results.

After the procedure, the patient's buttocks will look more youthful and rounder. With a favorable result, you'll want to take more photos of you on the beach.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Women who want to feel more feminine, sexy and confident may opt for this procedure. Patients will be given a choice to either have the saline implants or the silicone gel. The latter is preferable as it feels more natural.

Don't worry, our Orange County Plastic Surgeons will discuss, in detail, all the risks involved and what the procedure entails. Saline implants can last from two up to 10 years while Silicone gel implants last between 10 to 20 years.

Plastic Surgery Orange County procedures are safe for we have the best and most experienced Breast Augmentation Surgeons.


Facelift isn't the solution to stop the aging process. However, it can definitely slow it down.

Patients whose cheeks or neck begin to sag, or those who have wrinkles, and about 40-70 years old may have this procedure. Seventy year olds are most likely to have the best results for facelifts surgery.

Our Orange County Plastic Surgeons will carefully tighten underlying muscles, removes excess fat and re-drape the skin on your neck and face. After about two weeks and getting plenty of rest, you should be able to get back to your routine. Make sure to always apply sunscreen for a more youthful look.


You try to eat the right food and exercise yet still can't get rid of the extra fat. If this is you, liposuction may help. This procedure is also ideal for patients who want a slimmer figure.

Cosmeticare experts – with their extensive experience – will skillfully administer all the necessary procedures needed to give you a more natural-looking contours. To achieve maximum results, our specialist may also suggest other procedures such as tummy tuck, breast augmentation and breast enhancements.

You will see significant results yet liposuction isn't a quick fix. It's imperative that you also have the ideal body weight and you exercise before going under the knife.

Also, it's best if you continue to practice your healthy eating habits and active lifestyle.

For the best results, it's always best to contact one of our specialists. We give you recommendations, explain how the procedure works, financing options and everything else you need to know to achieve your aesthetic goals. Contact Cosmeticare today.


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