Liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and thighs surgery

Although already fairly trim and in good shape, this 39-year-old patient consulted our Orange County liposuction clinic to see if she could further slim her lines. Because of the way the female body naturally stores fat cells, sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to achieve the desired results, even though the target weight has been reached. This patient is a good example of how lipo can be used for sculpting the body artfully into a more ideal figure.

In this case, the patient’s upper abdomen still showed some unwanted roundness and protruded slightly in profile. Upon consultation, it was determined that liposuction performed across the abdomen would eliminate that specific problem. By including liposuction along her flanks and thighs as well, her proportions would stay maintained. Treatment in these areas contribute to a trim-looking result overall.

Following the procedure, the patient’s abdomen presented as much flatter and more toned-looking. Since the fat cells have been physically removed, it is unlikely that she will gain weight back in any of the same trouble areas. Maintaining a slender, youthful figure will be less challenging following the liposuction procedure received from our Orange County plastic surgery clinic.

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39 Female