liposuction of the abdomen and flanks, total of 5,000cc removed (3,00cc removed from the abdomen and 2,00cc removed from the flanks)

This 40 year old woman came to CosmetiCare wanting to learn more about her body contouring options, including liposuction in Orange County. In particular, she wanted to improve the appearance of several areas of her midsection, including her abdomen and flanks.

During her consultation, her surgeon reviewed surgical details with her and assessed her candidacy with a brief physical examination. He found that she had good muscle tone in her abdomen and that her excess fat in this region was mostly localized below the belly button. In addition, areas of fat on her flanks interrupted a smooth shape from her waistline to her thighs.

The patient had liposuction in her abdominal area and on her sides, removing a total of 5,000 cc’s of fat. As you can see in the “after” photos, she was able to greatly reduce the size of her midsection through this surgery and now enjoys a much shapelier and more toned figure. Also, scarring is quite minimal.

The patient is very happy with her results following liposuction from our Orange County plastic surgery practice. She feels more confident about her appearance and more comfortable in a wide range of outfits.

If you have any questions about this case or this procedure please contact our office and we’ll be happy to assist you any way we can.

40 Female