bilateral breast reduction. 115 grams of breast tussue removed.

At our practice in Orange County, breast reduction procedures are less common than breast augmentation. However, there are certain women for whom this is an important option. This 33-year-old patient came to CosmetiCare seeking help with her large breasts. The extra weight had the potential to cause back problems, and her breasts had already begun sagging at an early age.

The patient’s consultation with one of CosmetiCare’s surgeons discussed various options, including breast reductions. Reducing breast size would help ease many of the day-to-day burdens associated with large breasts. It would also help to reinstate a round, healthy look by lifting the breast higher.

The procedure involved removing a total of 115 grams of tissue from both breasts. The incision was made underneath the areolas to help minimize scarring and keep it hidden from view. At the same time, the breasts were lifted by a few inches, restoring a rounder, fuller look. Notice in the “before” picture that the breasts reached down almost to the patient’s elbows, whereas after the surgery they are approximately half-way up the upper arm.

The results were very good, and the patient has expressed gratitude for the care she received at our Orange County cosmetic surgery practice.

If you have any questions about this case or this procedure please contact our office and we’ll be happy to assist you any way we can.

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