Breast Lift (Mastopexy) with a bilateral implant exchange and left breast capsulectomy using gel filled mammary prosthesis implants from Mentor. Right and left implants contain 450cc. Profile: smooth round moderate profile plus. Placement: submuscular. Incision type: standard mastopexy/ anchor

Looking to restore the youthful shape of her breasts, this woman came to CosmetiCare inquiring about a breast lift in Orange County. Her concern was over her bust shape, and she was particularly interested in counteracting the sagging that had developed in her breasts.

After an in-depth consultation, the surgeon determined a breast lift would produce the most favorable results. After 41 years, gravity had taken its toll on the woman’s breasts, and lifting them up would restore them to a more attractive position. In addition to her breast lift, she also had breast augmentation to increase overall breast volume. Mentor silicone implants were placed under the chest muscle, using a standard mastopexy incision. After the successful surgery, the patient regained a more youthful appearance thanks to her 400cc left and right implants and elevated breast appearance. The implants also helped to center the patient’s breasts, whereas previously they had both started leaning toward the outside of the body.

The surgery left the patient with a positive outlook on her appearance. After time and gravity had taken their toll, CosmetiCare’s Orange County plastic surgery center was able to reverse those long-term effects. The patient is very happy with her results.

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40 Female