Date of surgery: 6/11/2009- Breast augmentation using Style 2000 Natrelle: saline filled breast implants from Mentor. Right implant contained 360cc, left implant contained 375cc. Profile: smooth round moderate plus. Placement: submuscular. Incision type: superior periareolar.

This breast augmentation in Orange County at CosmetiCare was performed on a 20-year-old female patient. This patient wanted larger, fuller breasts, and a more dramatic figure to fill out her clothes. During her initial consultation, patient and surgeon discussed which size implant would work best for her appearance goals and end result, while still maintaining a proportional look for her frame.

The surgery was performed using Style 2000 Natrelle saline-filled implants, with a smooth, round, moderate-plus profile. Since this patient had slightly asymmetrical breasts pre-surgery, the implants were slightly different sizes as well to ensure even results: 360cc in the right implant, and 375cc for the left breast. Most women have breasts which are slightly different sizes, so using different implant sizes is not at all uncommon. The implant placement was submuscular, through an incision placed around the areola.

After surgery, this patient’s breasts are full and symmetrical, providing generous curves without overwhelming the patient’s natural frame. The patient is pleased with her new figure after her Orange County plastic surgery procedure, and feels more positive about her body and the way clothes accentuate her new build.

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