Breast augmentation using Mentor silicone filled breast implants. Right and left implants contain 450cc. Profile: smooth round high profile. Placement: submuscular. Incision type: superior periareolar.

At CosmetiCare in Orange County, breast augmentation remains one of the most commonly performed procedures. This patient, a 35-year-old female, wanted to increase the size of her breasts as well as improve their placement to a more forward center position.

After her initial consultation with a CosmetiCare plastic surgeon, this patient decided on Mentor silicone- gel filled implants. These gel implants are FDA-approved, and lend a very natural feel which is similar to actual breast tissue. Both right and left breast received identical implant sizes of 450cc. The implants were placed below the muscle, through a superior periareolar incision (around the areola).

The end results present smooth, round breasts with a high profile, with a feel which will mimic natural breasts. The incision has healed to nearly invisible in the “after” photos above. Not only are her breasts fuller and a larger cup size, but they are also facing more forward than before the surgery. The patient is pleased with the results and the new silhouette her plastic surgeon in Orange County was able to achieve.

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35 Female