Abdominoplasty surgery, tummy tuck

In this Orange County abdominoplasty case, the 53-year-old female patient wanted to eliminate the loose and hanging skin across her stomach and abdomen. After a consultation, her CosmetiCare surgeon determined that a tummy tuck would be the best procedure to suit her needs and body appearance goals.

Over the years, the skin becomes less elastic and may hang from the body in ways it did not when you were younger. This is particularly true for women, and especially in the abdominal region. Pregnancies stretch the abdominal skin, which may never quite return to normal. Underlying musculature is also affected during pregnancy, which often contributes to the necessity of a tummy tuck.

Following the surgery, the patient was pleased to have a much younger-looking and more slender abdominal area. All skin wrinkles have been resolved, both in the upper and lower stomach area. The profile angle in particular shows how her Orange County plastic surgeon was able to achieve a slimmer look. Overall, this patient has a much more positive self-image and feels more confident in public, especially when wearing a swimsuit.

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53 Female