Meet Dr. Minh Bui

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Minh X. Bui, M.D. 

Dr. Bui is co-founder of PremierCare and a practicing anesthesiologist.  Dr. Bui is the former Chairman of the department of Anesthesiology at Western Medical Center Santa Ana where he directed care for over a decade.  In this capacity, he has served on multiple board and executive committees while continuing in this capacity as an integral part of the medical executive committee presently.  Dr. Bui has spent many years cultivating relationships throughout the IHHI system while acting as intermediary between the medical staff and administration.  His closely forged relationships with the executives at IHHI and Western Medical Center have enabled PremierCare to develop a very close working relationship with the medical center and other centers in Orange County.  
Dr. Bui has forged even stronger relationships amongst the medical staff and in this capacity has been able to facilitate growth of membership by primary care physicians as well as a robust specialty panel.  His expertise lies not only in this arena but also general strategy development, integration, expense reduction, and revenue generation for PremierCare.
Dr. Bui is former director of St. Josephs Pediatric Medical Group where he directed care and developed care models for the underserved pediatric population in Southern California.  He also served as Board member and Medical Director for Magnolia Surgery Center, an ambulatory multispecialty medical  surgical center servicing central Orange County.  Dr. Bui received a certificate of residency in anesthesiology at Loma Linda