Meet Dr. Michael Won

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Michael H. Wong, D.O.

In addition to being a practicing anesthesiologist, Dr. Wong brings more than a decade of experience and leadership from the business and healthcare industry. Dr. Wong's proven knowledge and business expertise in the technology and healthcare industry has been significant in developing strategic direction in group purchasing consortiums and establishing new business relationships within the technology field. Prior to forming PremierCare, Dr. Wong was the president of Enqwest Corporation, a joint venture purchasing consortium in partnership with MedAssets.  
Dr. Wong served on the board of directors and was a founder of Merlyn Associates Corporation, a research and development firm where he helped invent and develop intellectual property for the medical airway industry. In addition to his experience in the U.S. healthcare industry, Dr. Wong has also served in numerous executive roles in other companies serving as the executive director, board member and co-founder of Pharmedex Incorporated, where he helped form the company business plan, created a partnership with the Health Services Corporation of America and played an integral role in contract negotiations between supply chain participants of Japan's $88 billion pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution industry.
Dr. Wong has also served as the executive vice president of business development and a board member with One Web Place Corporation where he was responsible for strategic direction and formation of new business relationships.  He co-directed strategy and negotiation for the sale of the company including staff and intellectual property to DoveBid, Inc. in a pre-IPO acquisition. Dr. Wong holds 5 U.S. Patents for medical devices.  Dr. Wong received a certificate of residency in anesthesiology at Loma Linda University Medical Center, a doctorate in medicine from Western University of Health Sciences in 1991 and a Bachelor of Science degree in 1987 from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA.