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COVID-19 Pandemic Treatment Consent Form
  • I knowingly and willingly consent to have treatment completed during the COVID-19 pandemic. I understand the COVID-19 virus has a long incubation period during which carriers of the virus may not show symptoms and still be highly contagious. It is impossible to determine who has it and who does not given the current limits in virus testing. Surgical and non-surgical procedures can create water spray. It is unclear as to how long the ultra-fine nature of the spray may linger in the air, which can transmit the COVID-19 virus.
  •   −   Fever
      −   Shortness of Breath
      −   Loss of Sense of Taste or Smell
      −   Dry Cough
      −   Runny Nose
      −   Sore Throat
  • You have the option to sign this Agreement electronically or sign a paper copy of this Agreement. By signing electronically using any device, means or action, you consent to the legally binding terms and conditions of this Agreement. You further agree that your signature on this Agreement (hereafter referred to as your 'E-Signature') is as valid as if you signed this Agreement in writing. You also agree that no certification authority or other third party verification is necessary to validate your E-Signature, and that the lack of such certification or third party verification will not in any way affect the enforceability of your E-Signature or any resulting agreement between you and CosmetiCare.

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