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Pattie Cordova

Lives in: Anaheim, CA
2 Kids: Ages 7 and 4
Pattie is a professional blogger and founder of Living Mi Vida Loca, an award-winning Latina lifestyle blog who also has a deep love for coffee, travel and fiestas. Pattie also has a YouTube channel where you’ll find everything from recipes to videos made by her kids. She is a regular contributor to many other networks and chances are you’ve seen her on the Disney channel. 
Her guilty pleasure
Nothing gets her going like an episode of "Rica Famosa Latina,” a reality show in Spanish about powerful Latina women who are living the high life in Los Angeles.
Vaginal Rejuvenation, Noninvasive Procedure, CosmetiCare Moms

Vaginal Rejuvenation: Consultation and First Treatment

After having two kids I have given a lot of thought towards Vaginal Rejuvenation. Once I found out about the noninvasive procedure offered at CosmetiCare for Vaginal Rejuvenation, I had to learn more about this new procedure! Watch my diary video as I walk you through my consultation and first treatment.
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This year was full of changes another change for me this year was my vaginal rejuvenation. I highly recommend asking multiple questions and doing your research before opting into the treatment. Here are a few questions you may have and the answers I have found.
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My Breast Augmentation Experience at CosmetiCare

This year was full of changes, and for me the biggest change was my breast augmentation. It was something that I had been longing to do, and I’m so happy that this year it came to fruition. For this big change, I had the opportunity to partner with CosmetiCare, the same team that I trust with all my cosmetic procedures.
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Breast Surgery Before and After Pictures

I’ve gotten comfortable with my body in the months since the breast augmentation. I’m still fighting the 15 pounds that I’ve gained though, but I’m happy to see that my new boobs have not gotten in the way of working out. I have also purchased just a handful of clothes because I did outgrow a few blouses and sports bras, and I picked up a few new bras too. I’m super happy with my body, and you can see a difference in my breast surgery before and after pictures.
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