Mary Tran

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Lives in: Aliso Viejo
2 Kids: Ages 6 and 8
Mary is a super active mom of two boys who loves LEGOs, Transformers, Star Wars, Disney and Broadway musicals. She likes to shares her adventures, insider tips and deals from around Orange County on her blog. 
Her guilty pleasure
She loves spas, desserts and Hello Kitty. (But not all at the same time!) Family comes first, but taking care of herself is also a priority, because she believes if she feels good and looks great, it's all worth it.
Mary Tran, Cosmeticare Ambassador, Lipo, Tummy Tuck

Lipo or Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

I am considering liposuction and/or a tummy tuck. There I said it. I've been practicing the last few weeks by telling my friends and family so that I can find enough courage to share it here - on my blog - publicly - making it official. None of them tried to talk me out of it, and I didn't feel judged but supported. They didn't really ask me a lot of questions either. I think it turned into an open discussion about what other procedures we would all like to do.
Tummy Tuck
Mary Tran
Cosmeticare Ambassador
Lipoabdominoplasty, Mary Tran, Lymphatic Message

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy Q&A

If you're following my Mommy Makeover Journey with Cosmeticare, I think I'm almost done with my Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy. During the Pre-Op appointment, I received a long checklist to take care of BEFORE and AFTER surgery including a recommendation to schedule weekly lymphatic massages one to two weeks POST surgery to help with the healing process.
Lymphatic Message
Mary Tran

My Lipoabdominoplasty Journey Part 3 - Surgery Day and 2 Week Post Op Recovery

If you are following my mommy makeover journey with Lipoabdominoplasty, it has been two weeks since my procedure at Cosmeticare with Dr. Brian Reagan, and I'm doing great. I started walking up straight the same day thanks to tension sutures. My doctor is amazing! I've been off pain meds for days, I'm showering, walking but walking slow, sleeping in my own bed (no longer on the couch), still drinking lots of water, stronger every day, and I had a lymphatic massage yesterday. I'm still wearing my binder as instructed and will soon switch to Spanx. Everyone who has visited me has said how surprised they are with how well I am doing in this short amount of time. I have some helpful tips that could make recovery a bit easier.
Mary Tran
body contouring

After Two Treatments of Kybella Update #CosmetiCareMoms

I wanted to you give you an update after two treatments of KYBELLA. Just a quick disclosure, I'm a CosmetiCare Mom which allows me to try some of CosmetiCare's MedSpa services and share my experiences with you all. KYBELLA is the only FDA-approved treatment to dissolve fat with injections. It is currently only approved for chin fat.
Mary Tran