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We all want to love what we see when we look in the mirror. But if you’re like most women, where do you start to learn what’s best for you? Now you can get the low down on our services from real women just like you!

We’ve invited 9 women who are ready to bare all and share their experiences at CosmetiCare with you. They’ll not only give you candid feedback about us, they’ll share their experiences with you including reviews of services, exclusive special offers, interviews with our doctors and specialists, and much more.

Follow along with the CosmetiCare Mom Ambassadors and accept their invitation to take care of you!

Hear From the CosmetiCare Mom Ambassadors

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My Botox Journey

My name is Beth Jones, I'm a mom of two boys (3 and 6) and work as a stylist, fashion influencer and social media consultant. For the last few years I've worked alongside Cosmeticare as an ambassador. I've had the opportunity to receive treatments at Cosmeticare and share my experiences along the way.
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Jennifer Willey's Coolsculpting vs Trusculpting

The Difference Between Cool Sculpting and Tru Sculpting

One of the areas I’ve been pretty self conscious about is my chin. Two years ago I had Kybella at CosmetiCare. I had some amazing results, but with additional weight gain, I have noticed my chin still sags. I had a consultation with Rosie, and she recommended targeting my double chin with one of their sculpting options. I had heard of both cool sculpting and Tru Sculpting, but wasn’t sure which would give me the results I wanted on my second chin.
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Stacy Molter, Postpartum, C Section

When will my postpartum belly go away?

Now that our kids are older and more independent, I decided that this is the year to explore cosmetic surgery as an option to correct the damage and postpartum belly caused by first being pregnant with twins, and then having three c-sections. While I'm not looking for a quick solution to get rid of my pregnancy pooch, I am looking for a solution to correct the two problems diet and exercise alone won't help; diastasis recti and c-section shelf.
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Does Liposuction Hurt?

Just like any type of major surgery, there is going to be some degree of pain associated. One thing that the doctors at CosmetiCare did in my pre-op appointment was to talk with me about pain management following the surgery.
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