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We all want to love what we see when we look in the mirror. But if you’re like most women, where do you start to learn what’s best for you? Now you can get the low down on our services from real women just like you!

We’ve invited 9 women who are ready to bare all and share their experiences at CosmetiCare with you. They’ll not only give you candid feedback about us, they’ll share their experiences with you including reviews of services, exclusive special offers, interviews with our doctors and specialists, and much more.

Follow along with the CosmetiCare Mom Ambassadors and accept their invitation to take care of you!

Hear From the CosmetiCare Mom Ambassadors

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My CO2 Laser Treatment for the Face at CosmetiCare

Life changing. We all have those things about our appearance that stand out to us more than anything else. Things that most people don’t see. But to us, they are huge flaws that hurt our confidence. For me, that’s always been my acne scars and the overall texture of my skin.
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What is Coolsculpting and Why You Should Consider Fat Freezing

Doesn’t fat freezing sound amazing?! As an ambassador for CosmetiCare, I get to try out some of their amazing non-invasive treatments for free. This non-invasive treatment was designed to help you remove stubborn body fat with NO downtime! And the results are long-term making it a good investment if you are struggling with areas that you just can’t shrink on your own.
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Cosmeticare Medspa: Vbeam for Surgical Scars

Now that you’ve recovered from surgery and you’re feeling much better, do you have scars that you wish you can get rid of? Well Cosmeticare Med Spa in Corona Del Mar offers non-surgical procedures like Vbeam and ClearLift services that can help reduce the redness and appearance of your scar.
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C02RE Intimia, Pattie Cordova, Laser, Vaginal Rejuvenation


Last year I had my first vaginal rejuvenation experience and it was so different than what I had in my head. All I really knew was that it was a laser going INSIDE and OUTSIDE the vagina. Of course, I also didn’t do a lot of research because I’d rather learn first-hand from the amazing laser experts at CosmetiCare on what I could expect.
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Stacy Molter, Postpartum, Liposuction

What do I need to prepare for cosmetic surgery?

Congratulations! You've made the decision to have the cosmetic surgery you've always wanted to have and embark on an amazing journey to look and feel better. While this is an exciting experience to go through, you can make the best of this major lifestyle change with a few important preparations before surgery day.
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