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We all want to love what we see when we look in the mirror. But if you’re like most women, where do you start to learn what’s best for you? Now you can get the low down on our services from real women just like you!

We’ve invited 10 women who are ready to bare all and share their experiences at CosmetiCare with you. They’ll not only give you candid feedback about us, they’ll share their experiences with you including reviews of services, exclusive special offers, interviews with our doctors and specialists, and much more.

Follow along with the CosmetiCare Ambassadors and accept their invitation to take care of you!

Hear From the CosmetiCare Ambassadors

Read the latest blogs from our Cosmeticare Ambassadors.
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Caryn Bailey, CosmetiCare Ambassador, Postpartum

Postpartum Weight Loss and Excess Abdominal Skin Treatment Options

I suspected that I was pregnant when I began to take the long route home, avoiding the local cheese shop I had walked by every day for months. Morning sickness lasted well into the second trimester, and my only comfort was Kraft Mac & Cheese.

CosmetiCare Moms
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons
Vacation in Orange County
Caryn Bailey, Facial Treatments, Hyperpigmentation

Treatment Options For Hyperpigmentation

I started wearing makeup in my teen years to cover the results of normal hormonal fluctuations. Like most teens, I suffered from mild to moderate acne, and admittedly, I did not listen to those wiser than me when they said not to touch my face.

CosmetiCare Moms
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons
Plastic Surgery Confidentiality
Jennifer Willey, CosmeticCare, Rhinoplasty, Surgery

Rhinoplasty: Removing The Cast And Reveal

I had a Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Niccole at CosmetiCare, in Newport Beach, and after a week, I felt pretty good. During my pre-op appointment, I joked about hibernating at home for the first few weeks with Dr. Niccole, because I had expected major bruising and swelling. However, a week post surgery and my swelling had already decreased significantly

CosmetiCare Moms
Jennifer Willey
Beth Jones, Botox, CosmetiCare Ambassador

What Do I Think About Botox?!

You may remember last year that I tried out Botox for the very first time as a Cosmeticare Ambassador. I had a great experience, nothing was painful or scary and I loved the results.

Beth Jones
Cosmeticare Ambassador
Mary Tran, CosmetiCare Ambassador, Beautyland

BeautyLand Open House Event at CosmetiCare

Join Orange County’s leading cosmetic surgery center and medspa, CosmetiCare, for its third annual open house event, BEAUTYLAND. On Thursday, October 26 from 5pm to 8pm, come meet the CosmetiCare team and learn about all the services they offer.

Orange County Plastic Surgeons
Mary Tran
Cosmeticare Ambassador