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Stacy Molter

Lives in: Simi Valley
Kids: 12 year old twins, 7 year old, 5 year old
Stacy is the owner of LA’s family-fun lifestyle blog, Fancy Shanty, where she shares her experiences homeschooling her four children, raising multiples, supporting her two children living with multiple food allergies, and helping her children with special needs thrive. Her nights are spent on the little league field watching her four children play the only sport that makes those making those who matter most, matter. Somewhere between wrangling her four children (twins born in 2008, a boy in 2010 and their first girl in 2012), her dogs (an adorable little Yorkiepoo, and a crazy and lovable Catahoula Leopard Dog) and her husband (a feisty red-headed Spaniard), she still finds the much-needed girl time for a glass of wine while crafting or creating a new, delicious recipe.
Her guilty pleasure:
While family means everything to Stacy, she also recognizes the need to recharge and reboot. When her family is not at the little league field, Stacy loves getting lost on some of LA’s most stunning hiking trails to catch a breathtaking sunset.

Is a Tummy Tuck Worth It?

I had a ton of questions and fears before surgery. I even considered not having surgery a couple of times simply out of fear of the unknown and not being the one in control of the situation. Now that everything is said and done, I am SO happy I had lipoabdominoplasty at CosmetiCare. What I didn't realize before having surgery, something I'm not sure anyone can truly explain, is how life changing a tummy tuck can be and how it can drastically change your emotional outlook on life.
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BeautyLand Event

CosmetiCare invites you to the fourth annual BeautyLand event on November 13th. BeautyLand is designed to help answer your questions about the latest and greatest in cosmetic procedures, including aesthetic technology, facial rejuvenation, body sculpting, weight loss, vaginal rejuvenation, and skin care. It's a night of education and fun! Our team of experts will guide the way to help you feel like your best self and love the way you look!
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Tummy Tuck Recovery Timeline | What to Expect

You've had your tummy tuck surgery and by now you're resting comfortably at home. While you're probably still taking a good amount of pain medication and waiting anxiously to take the first post-op shower, I promise the next few weeks are going to go by quickly and the pain from surgery day will soon become a distant memory. Here's what you can expect as a tummy tuck recovery timeline.
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Tummy Tuck Surgery Day | What to Expect

Tummy tuck surgery day is here and if you're anything like me you're experiencing a wide range of emotions, from excitement to nervousness, and maybe even a little anxiety. You're about to embark on major surgery and trust me when I say you're in good hands when you're at the South Coast Outpatient Surgery Center and with the doctors of CosmetiCare.
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Questions to ask at your tummy tuck consultation.

When I decided to go forward with lipoabdominoplasty to repair my diastasis recti and c-section shelf, I booked a tummy tuck consultation with Dr. Reagan at CosmetiCare to learn about risks, complications, and success stories for this type of surgery. Is this the best surgery for me and my situation? What would I need to do to prepare my body for surgery? And of course, what results can I expect 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and even 1 year down the road?
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