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Lives in: Aliso Viejo, CA
3 Kids: Ages 8, 11, and 13
Shelby is publisher of The OC Mom Blog that is the largest online resource site for families living, visiting or dreaming about The OC. She has a passion for encouraging moms to get outside and savor the natural beauty that OC has to offer families. 
Her guilty pleasure
She firmly believes that the best way to take the stress away from the everyday grind of parenting is a package of Red Vines, Diet Coke and People magazine.
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Should you get Lipo or Tummy Tuck with your Breast Surgery?

One Surgery or Two? When planning to get my breast lift (mastopexy), one of the biggest decisions was whether or not to get lipo or a tummy tuck at the same time. So many of my friends who have had their breasts done at CosmetiCare also took care of their stomachs at the same time so that they only had one recovery. During my first consultation with Dr. Niccole, he did recommend lipo if I wanted to have my full pre-baby body back but I was nervous about the recovery. I spent a lot of time thinking about this decision and finally came to the decision that I would work extra hard after my breast surgery to lose my baby weight naturally.
Shelby Barone
Tummy Tuck
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Silicone vs. Saline Breast Implants

One of the biggest decisions when getting my Mastopexy (breast lift) was whether or not to get an implant put in at the same time. I already had decent sized breasts, but I decided to get a small implant put in during one of my consultations with Dr. Niccole. Why get an implant with your breast lift?
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Shelby Barone
Breast Implants
Silicone vs Saline
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How Much Does a Breast Augmentation Cost?

The price of a breast augmentation surgery varies from woman to woman as we all come in different shapes and size. But the doctors and nurses at CosmetiCare carefully consult each patient to determine a price that is right for them.
Breast Augmentation
Shelby Barone

What is a Mastopexy?

The first thing people do when you tell them you are thinking of undergoing breast surgery is ... why? The answer to this question is different for everyone who decides to get the surgery, but mine was because of the aftermath of nursing.
Shelby Barone