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Kristen Howerton

Blog: Rage Against the Minivan 
Lives in: Costa Mesa CA
1 Kid: 4 (ages 9-13)
Kristen is the mom of four children within four years via birth and adoption, a pyschotherapist, and the author of the blog Rage Against the Minivan. Here, you might find musings about the impact of the skinny jean on Kristen's self-esteem, her tendency to spill food on her laptop, and her inappropriate crush on Jon Stewart.  She also indulges in sleep-deprived rants about parenting, poop, adoption, politics, race, religion, social justice, and various other subjects that her mother warned her not to discuss in public. In addition to her own blog, Kristen is also the cohost of the podcast Selfie, an exploration of self-care.

In the spring of 2010, Kristen lost her long and passionate battle against the minivan.  It now sits in her driveway covered in crushed cheerios and remnants of her self-esteem.
Her guilty pleasure
Taking a walk to the beach with no kids in tow!
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