Beth Jones

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Lives in: Tustin, CA
2 Kids: Ages 3.5 and 5 months
Ten years ago, Beth Jones created her fashion website which showcased her personal style that was a mix of vintage and modern. Within a year, her readership exploded to thousands a day. With this platform she has worked with numerous fashion and lifestyle brands including Quiksilver Women, Paul Mitchell, LOFT, Timex, Crossroads Trading Co., and was featured as a Covergirl in the September Issue of VOGUE Magazine. Currently, with her two boys, she juggles motherhood
and working as a stylist, design consultant and YouTube story teller. It all makes her a little crazy.. but she wouldn't have it any other way.
Her guilty pleasure
Beth loves, "taking a little me time" by driving through Jack in the Box and ordering a large Diet Coke with a few lemons. She doesn't know why.. but this makes her ridiculously happy. It's her afternoon pick me up!
Beth Jones, Acne, CosmetiCare Ambassador

Working on Healing my Acne at CosmetiCare Part 2

I have had a series of three custom facials with their expert esthetician, and if you go back and look at my skin when I started.. you can see a significant change in my skin! Seriously significant.

Beth Jones
Cosmeticare Ambassador
Beth Jones, Botox, CosmetiCare Ambassador

What Do I Think About Botox?!

You may remember last year that I tried out Botox for the very first time as a Cosmeticare Ambassador. I had a great experience, nothing was painful or scary and I loved the results.

Beth Jones
Cosmeticare Ambassador

Hydrafacial: My Experience at Cosmeticare

If you had the chance to watch my birthday vlog, you may have realized my birthday is a big deal to me. I put a lot of prep into my birthday and always like to feel my best on the day I turn a year older. So.. with this is mind.. I booked my last treatment at CosmetiCare as a Mom Ambassador… a Hydrafacial.

Beth Jones


Well.. now I’m getting into the REALLY GOOD STUFF at CosmetiCare as one of their Mom Ambassadors! This time around.. Botox! There was a time I giggled at the thought of botox. It seemed like something I would never consider.. and then I hit 35 years old.

CosmetiCare Moms
Beth Jones