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Beth Jones

Lives in: Tustin, CA
2 Kids: Ages 3.5 and 5 months
Ten years ago, Beth Jones created her fashion website which showcased her personal style that was a mix of vintage and modern. Within a year, her readership exploded to thousands a day. With this platform she has worked with numerous fashion and lifestyle brands including Quiksilver Women, Paul Mitchell, LOFT, Timex, Crossroads Trading Co., and was featured as a Covergirl in the September Issue of VOGUE Magazine. Currently, with her two boys, she juggles motherhood
and working as a stylist, design consultant and YouTube story teller. It all makes her a little crazy.. but she wouldn't have it any other way.
Her guilty pleasure
Beth loves, "taking a little me time" by driving through Jack in the Box and ordering a large Diet Coke with a few lemons. She doesn't know why.. but this makes her ridiculously happy. It's her afternoon pick me up!


I deal with adult acne and this was my third visit to CosmetiCare to get a Hydrafacial with Sarah. I really love the consistency of seeing the same nurse who has started to learn and research my skin. After my Hydrafacial, my skin feels more “bouncy” and I also feel like my skin is glowing!
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I’ve struggled with acne most of my life, and last year I started receiving regular HydraFacials with CosmetiCare and also received a peel that helped with my acne scars. This year I will be continuing to do more facials and I have also chosen to receive Botox to improve the overall texture and appearance of my skin.
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My Second Botox Treatment

I went back to CosmetiCare for my second Botox treatment after four months. It was so painless and easy, and it only took about 20 minutes! Within a full week I saw all of my results, and every time I'm so excited! It looks amazing and really natural.
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My Hydrafacial Experience

Today, I wanted to share my experience with my latest hydrafacial. I've mentioned this before, but I'm struggling with adult acne which has been frustrating. When I shared this with Cosmeticare, they recommended that I get a series of Hydrafacials to help improve my skin and the breakouts.
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My Botox Journey

My name is Beth Jones, I'm a mom of two boys (3 and 6) and work as a stylist, fashion influencer and social media consultant. For the last few years I've worked alongside Cosmeticare as an ambassador. I've had the opportunity to receive treatments at Cosmeticare and share my experiences along the way.
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