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Beth Jones

Lives in: Tustin, CA
2 Kids: Ages 3.5 and 5 months
Ten years ago, Beth Jones created her fashion website which showcased her personal style that was a mix of vintage and modern. Within a year, her readership exploded to thousands a day. With this platform she has worked with numerous fashion and lifestyle brands including Quiksilver Women, Paul Mitchell, LOFT, Timex, Crossroads Trading Co., and was featured as a Covergirl in the September Issue of VOGUE Magazine. Currently, with her two boys, she juggles motherhood
and working as a stylist, design consultant and YouTube story teller. It all makes her a little crazy.. but she wouldn't have it any other way.
Her guilty pleasure
Beth loves, "taking a little me time" by driving through Jack in the Box and ordering a large Diet Coke with a few lemons. She doesn't know why.. but this makes her ridiculously happy. It's her afternoon pick me up!
Beth Jones, Botox, CosmetiCare Ambassador

What Do I Think About Botox?!

You may remember last year that I tried out Botox for the very first time as a Cosmeticare Ambassador. I had a great experience, nothing was painful or scary and I loved the results.
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Hydrafacial: My Experience at Cosmeticare

If you had the chance to watch my birthday vlog, you may have realized my birthday is a big deal to me. I put a lot of prep into my birthday and always like to feel my best on the day I turn a year older. So.. with this is mind.. I booked my last treatment at CosmetiCare as a Mom Ambassador… a Hydrafacial.
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Well.. now I’m getting into the REALLY GOOD STUFF at CosmetiCare as one of their Mom Ambassadors! This time around.. Botox! There was a time I giggled at the thought of botox. It seemed like something I would never consider.. and then I hit 35 years old.
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