Angela Jean

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Lives in: Newport Beach, CA
Kids: 3 dogs, 1 cat
From her budget-tight upbringing Angela has since danced on world tours, been featured in over 10 magazines and has started her own show called “Runwaydonemyway”. Her upbringing taught her how to take the limited resources she had like old hand-me-downs and turn them into the hottest fashion. Her skills have carried with her over the years and have led to Angela hosting 100’s of segments focused on how to create fashion on a budget. This DIY gal has done it all and continues to inspire others to think beyond what’s in front of them, to create beauty from rags.
Her guilty pleasure
Angela has no shame in singing Taylor Swift songs at the top of her lungs. And don’t be surprised if you catch her indulging in Bellini’s and whipped cream!

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