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Working on Healing my Acne at CosmetiCare Part 2

By Beth Jones

Beautifully Bare 

Fresh out of the shower and this is my FACE.. no makeup.. no nothing! For me, my skin is leaps and bounds from my skin six months ago when I started my journey to healing my acne with the help of CosmetiCare!

I have had a series of three custom facials with their expert esthetician, and if you go back and look at my skin when I started.. you can see a significant change in my skin! Seriously significant.

So.. every few months.. after a sweaty workout (yes, nothing fancy.. just workout clothes and high-top ponytail), I roll in to the CosmetiCare office to meet with their esthetician. She is fabulous.. it’s like she’s my skin therapist.. counseling me, coaching me, getting in there with all the “tough stuff” and helping to make things better!

And four months later I’ve seen great improvements. I’m still breaking out on my chin and lower cheeks, so things aren’t completely clear.. but most often I feel like it is one or two breakouts.. and not dozens. The texture of my skin has made a HUGE shift! I don’t feel bumps all over my skin anymore.

The biggest change I have seen is that my neck and jawline are completely clear.. which is crazy to me, because this has been my biggest problem area. It’s amazing!

So.. what are the next steps? I’m so EXCITED! I’m going to start working on my scarring with Cosmeticare. They have spent time getting to know my skin, and now we can take steps to get rid of the redness and scarring.. and I cannot wait!

I will be sharing the whole process in an upcoming post.. so stay tuned!

July Visit 

September Visit 

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