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What to Expect Six Weeks After Liposuction

By Shelby Barone

Six weeks after my liposuction procedure at CosmetiCare, I went in for a follow-up appointment. Although I had already been approved to stop wearing my compression garment, at this point, I still felt comfortable wearing a nice tight pair of spanks until about 12 weeks post surgery.

Over the past six weeks since my surgery, I had been committed to eating a healthy diet, and when I weighed in the morning of my six-week appointment, I had lost a total of 40 pounds (including the nine pounds that were removed during my surgery). Not only have I lost 40 pounds, but I have also dropped eight clothing sizes – and I am now a size 3, which I have never been in my life!

During my appointment, the doctor looked at my body. She was so happy with the results and advised me that I still have some swelling that will continue to go down. We were both so delighted with my results, and I love how my body is contoured to have the perfect hourglass figure that I so desired. After checking my body, I went into a room where we took before/after pictures.

Now that almost all the bruising and swelling had gone down, the doctor advised me that I can be more active and start working out more to help tone my figure. I started a weekly workout routine and also maintained my weight loss by doing intermittent fasting with a keto diet.

When planning to have your liposuction surgery at CosmetiCare, you’ll want to prepare for a good six weeks to start feeling yourself again. If you have liposuction and follow-up with a healthy diet, you’ll feel better than ever at your six-week check-up.
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