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What Do I Think About Botox?!

By Beth Jones

Round Two

You may remember last year that I tried out Botox for the very first time as a Cosmeticare Ambassador. I had a great experience, nothing was painful or scary and I loved the results.
Just a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try it out again.
This time around I wasn’t nervous because I knew it was an in-and-out treatment, and it had no down time or pain related to it.

What It Means to Me

To be honest, this time around I considered what “getting Botox” meant to me. I know there are differing opinions on stuff like this, and I wanted really know what I felt about it.
I love aging.. really I do! I feel proud of the woman that I am today.. and I am excited to continue growing, maturing, learning and AGING!! For real!
I’m actually more comfortable in my skin then I’ve ever been, and I’m confident with who I am.. flaws and all! So.. regarding something like Botox.. that relieves your face of some aging.. what do I think of that? Here’s the truth.. I love it! It feels like a way to pamper myself. I wake up and look awake and it’s fun! No shame here!

Consistency is Key

Cosmeticare recommends getting Botox treatments every three to four months to maintain the results. I haven’t received treatments in a year.. but after this time, I’m considering making it a regular thing. I also treated only my forehead, and I’m really happy just sticking with that area.
So.. there you have it! I’m proud to be 36 (turning 37 next month). I’m proud of the “scars” of life that have taught me a lot.. and also.. I like being free of a few wrinkles!
For details of the process, check out last year’s post


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