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We ❤ Our Clients

We all know how great if feels to look our best. We talk it about everyday with our clients and friends and family's and work hard to make sure everyone who visits CosmetiCare feels this way.
But we also know there's more than appearances. And we really appreciate when we get an opportunity to support one of our clients in a way that's different than usual.
Nina is a patient of Dr. von Maur's and she recently shared with us that she is planning a volunteer trip this summer to El Salvador with her church group to work alongside local organizations on building projects and teacher training. We saw her story and thought it was a great opportunity for us to give back and asked if we could share it on our website and Facebook pages, offering to help get the word out.
You can read about Nina's mission by visiting:
Good luck and safe travels Nina!
Your friends @ CosmetiCare

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