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Is a Tummy Tuck Worth It?

By Stacy Molter

When I began my tummy tuck journey earlier this year, I couldn't help but wonder if this surgery would be worth it. Would the pain be worth it? Would the downtime be worth it? I'm a mother of four children. I homeschool and I work from home. How would our family operate as it normally does while I recover? I also have a heart condition and I was concerned about the safety of the surgery. Was this the right option for someone like me? But, most importantly, would I be happy with the results?

Post Tummy Tuck Surgery

Yes, I had a ton of questions and fears before surgery. I even considered not having surgery a couple of times simply out of fear of the unknown and not being the one in control of the situation. You know what, though. Now that everything is said and done, I am SO happy I had lipoabdominoplasty at CosmetiCare. What I didn't realize before having surgery, something I'm not sure anyone can truly explain, is how life changing a tummy tuck can be and how it can drastically change your emotional outlook on life.

Is a tummy tuck worth it?

Before I had surgery, I lived in ‘swing' clothes. Loose fitting clothes without any shape perfect for hiding all those mom defects. The c-section belly. The diastasis recti belly. Everything that made me self-conscious about my body and the way I looked. I never really realized how sad I was about the shape of my body.

And, I know what you're thinking. Yes, I grew four beautiful babies in my body, a gift I wouldn't change for anything. But, with having first twins, then an almost eleven-pound baby, followed by a nearly ten-pound baby, the truth is that those extra large pregnancies destroyed my abdomen. Honestly, as much as I love my kids, I hated what pregnancy did to my body.
It wasn't until I went dress shopping for the first time after surgery that I realized how excited I actually was about my new body. No longer did I have to check the fit of the clothing to make sure it wasn't too snug, accentuating my belly. I could actually shop for and wear cute clothing that didn't make me look fat and frumpy.

But, the emotional impact of having a tummy tuck went so much deeper than being able to shop for new clothing. I began smiling more, feeling more confident about myself, and wanting to go out more with family and friends.

And, as far as downtime was concerned, I was back to 90% of normal after the first week. If I worked outside of the house, I could have easily gone back to working a full work day.

Mickey 90 Birthday Party

It wasn't until I saw myself in a photo that I realized how truly happy I was. Now, I don't mind being in photos and I jump at the opportunity to be included. I no longer try to hide in the back of group photos or hide behind my kids in photos. I feel great. I look great. And, I couldn't be more excited about making the decision to have surgery.

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Many of my close friends have asked me if a tummy tuck is worth it and I can't help but declare that yes, yes it is. If you're insecure about your body, whether it's from having children or a significant weight loss, then I say yes, get a tummy tuck. Not only will a tummy tuck make you feel better physically, but you'll be amazed at how much better you feel emotionally.

If you're interested in lipoabdominalplasty (tummy tuck), as I was, you can use my exclusive code STACY100 to receive 10% off a tummy tuck procedure at CosmetiCare.

Do it for yourself. Do it to feel good. Find the new you.

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