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Trusculpt Success Story - Body Contouring Without Surgery

Cellulite Removal Treatment

My TruSculpt Success Story at CosmetiCare - by Kimberly Claiborne

I would like to share my experience with Trusculpt done by Lisa McCoy at CosmetiCare. I had my first session and then 4 weeks later had my next session. I am beyond pleased with the results in just 4 weeks. With measurements and photos, there is no doubt it works. I've lost 1" to 1.25" in the areas that were treated, with 8 weeks left to show even more results, as it takes up to 12 weeks to see changes. 


Body Sculpting Procedure

The office is beautiful and Lisa is amazing. So sweet and gentle. There is pain involved for a few quick seconds and you have to tell yourself to stick with it beacuse you will for sure see results. I bought 3 sessions and recevied a great deal. I will have my 3rd session 4 weeks from now, and will update you on my results.

I am so excited to see the end results. I will be patient as it takes at least 4 weeks after the procedure to start seeing results. But I am already seeing them. If you are on the fence..get off it and make an appointment with Lisa today!


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