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Tips for Faster Recovery From Breast Implants

by Pattie Cordova

It’s been a heck of a ride and I’ve learned so much along the way as I navigated the waters of my new breast implants. I feel like I learned so much that I just HAVE to share all my tips for faster recovery from breast implants with you! So that if you too decide to get it done, you’ll have a few tricks under your sleeve to make your recovery even faster and check  cosmetic care newport beach ca reviews.
Tips for faster recovery from breast implants
Make sure to have water and bendy straws. It’s frustrating to go for a drink of water and see that the cup is just an inch too far from you. And then to be able to reach it but it hurts to tip the glass.
Create a nest of pillows for comfort and support. I recommend a bed rest pillow because it holds you in one place like a cocoon.
Slept well elevated to avoid swelling.
Have button shirts available, or if you’re running low, then grab men’s shirts.
Place your pills in pill planner box because opening the pill containers will make your chest hurt.
Use a safety pin to keep the breast wrap in place (if you’re asked to use one).
Lose about five pounds before your surgery because you won’t be able to do much after the surgery.
Buy a puzzle or create a list of ways to keep busy
Set money aside for scar removal products. I used Scar Recovery Gel by Skin Medica and Silagen silicon gel sheets.
Your breast will hurt when you get too cold, keep them warm by crossing your arms as you go through the grocery store or wear breast pads in your bra.
Use Dove Dry Spray in place of your regular deodorant because this aerosol deodorant will help you apply deodorant quickly and painlessly.
Keep your breasts clean with Garnier Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Water, especially because you cannot use the shower head to do so. Wipe off with a cotton ball.
Use bar soap to wash your hands and body because the soap pump will strain your chest muscles.
Purchase the Posture Corrector Wireless Back Support Bra by Leonisa before your surgery. Go up a size because they run small. This will be the bra you’ll use before you can start using underwire bras again.
Get your underarms waxed because you won’t really be able to do that the weeks following the surgery, and even shaving will hurt.
Use the cool setting on your blow dryer to dry off the bandages. this way they won’t fall off before they’re supposed to.
Set up an appointment at a hair salon so you can get your hair washed the week after your surgery.
Get a visual on some of the tips mentioned above in my week 4 video update.

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