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Love The Skin You Are In With Laser Hair Removal

Orange County Laser Hair Removal

It’s the best alternative to repeated shaving, plucking, and waxing, and laser hair removal is more popular than ever this time of year. CosmetiCare’s revolutionary laser hair removal technology is a safe and effective solution for targeting hair on virtually any part of your body.  Are you ready to love the skin that you’re in this spring? 

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal harnesses laser energy that is selectively absorbed by the melanin (the pigment that gives your hair color) within hair follicles. This laser energy is then converted to heat energy that injures the follicle at the root, therefore growinng a thinner, weaker and lighter hair follicle.  In many cases, the follicle doesn't grow back at all. 

Who can be treated with Laser Hair Removal?

Both men and women may be treated with laser hair removal. Treatments are customized according to the patient’s hair color, texture, and body location where the procedure is being performed.

Some of the most common areas for laser hair removal treatments are:

  • Underarms

  • Upper lip

  • Chin

  • Toes

  • Bikini area

  • Back

Laser Treatments at CosmetiCare

Laser hair removal is especially popular this time of year, but don’t forget that sun damaged skin can be treated too! Come in for a consultation to analyze your skin’s condition and try some of our other laser services that help remove those pesky sun spots. Body contouring with TruSculpt is also offered at CosmetiCare to help you achieve your perfect body!

Get Started with Your Treatment Today

At CosmetiCare Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa, we put your needs and desires first. With flexible financing options, we have helped thousands of patients in Orange County feel more comfortable in their skin. Let us help you boost your self-confidence.  Schedule a complimentary consultation today.

Laser Hair Removal Reasons

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