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Signature Facial At CosmetiCare

Now that the kids are going back-to-school, it is the perfect time to treat yourself to a signature facial at the CosmetiCare med spa.
CosmetiCare Signature Facial
This anti-aging skin renewal treatment combines the medical and cosmetic and is individually-designed for you to improve the overall health and beauty of your skin. It uses advanced physical and mechanical procedures to nurture and rejuvenate the face and neck, which are particularly sensitive to the signs of aging. This total care treatment features gentle microdermabrasion and epidermal exfoliation to remove old, dead skin cells, custom chemical formulations to improve uneven skin tone and skin texture, and finished with a CO2 (aka Slurry) to restore clarity, smoothness, and softness while also firming and toning the skin. It is one of their signature custom treatments, an amazing treatment for face, hands and décolleté.
Results You Can See
The result is both short and long term—it energizes and beautifies skin instantly, but also initiates a sustained process of cell rejuvenation and collagen stimulation. Over time, and ideally with regular application, it works to reverse wrinkles and photo damage and helps prevent the development of pre-cancerous lesions. It is a popular procedure with visible cosmetic benefits for both men and women.

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