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Rhinoplasty Results: 3 Months After Surgery


Rhinoplasty Results: 3 Months After Surgery

It has been 3 months since my Rhinoplasty surgery with CosmetiCare and I’m feeling great! Dr. Niccole performed my Rhinoplasty surgery on June 27th and mentioned that I’d see immediate results, however I would notice little changes as the months went on. He also shared with me that by the twelfth month mark, all of the swelling should be gone and I would be left with my final results – a fabulously smaller nose.

When I had my initial consultation with Dr. Niccole, we discussed plans and expectations of my Rhinoplasty. My focus areas included:

  • The bump on the bridge of my nose
  • The large tip or bulbous
  • The wide base and wide nostrils
  • The little indent at the tip of my nose, which we didn’t even discuss

Now, after 3 months, a lot of the swelling has gone down and the results have been amazing. Comparing my personal before and 3 months photos, I can see a huge difference. Obviously the bump on the bridge of my nose was surgically removed, leaving a smooth appearance. With the wedge section Dr. Niccole performed, the width of the base of my nose was reduced, in turn, decreased the size of my nostrils. The little dent at the tip of my nose is also gone and the tip doesn’t droop as low as it was before. Finally, the part I was most self conscious about, the tip of my nose, or the bulbous, has greatly reduced in size. Check it out:

At this stage in my Rhinoplasty recovery, there are two ways I can tell that I have had any work done to alter my appearance. One is the feeling – my nose is still a little numb at the tip. I would imagine that by 12 months, most of the feeling will return. The other indication that I had any form of plastic surgery is by my nostrils, where if you look closely, you can actually see where the stitches were as it’s left a little mark. However, when I tell my friends about it – honestly, they never even notice it.

With our without makeup, one thing is for sure. I love my results so far and have become more confident about my appearance. If you have been considering a Rhinoplasty, I highly recommend speaking with the staff at cosmetic care center in Orange Country. Schedule a consultation and mention my personal discount code: JEN100 and receive that consultation FREE plus 10% off a Rhinoplasty procedure. Just share the code when you book an appointment online or via phone at 949-438-5578.

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