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New Body, New Wardrobe Needed After Tummy Tuck With Dr. Brian Reagan

New Body, New Wardrobe Needed After Tummy Tuck

The holidays are here, and I don’t know what to wear! If you have been following my Mommy Makeover Journey with Dr. Brian Reagan at CosmetiCare, it has been an eventful last few months. I had my procedure done in August, and the recovery within the last five months have gone extremely smoothly with no complications. I was already out and about after two weeks, and most people were surprised I was out so soon. I still feel mild sensitivity in my abdominal area and the scars could be lighter, but I’m feeling about 90-95%. My old clothes just doesn’t fit the same, because remember I used to get them loose so I can hide behind them. I have had my younger sister help me out a few times because I really have no idea what to wear. She suggested because I now have a waistline, I can wear fitted clothing. Here are various photos of me since circumferential abdominoplasty (in my Halloween costumes, Breast Cancer fundraiser workout with Hello Kitty, my anniversary date night, a photo with my sisters at a wedding this month, and a family holiday photo).

I’ve been feeling more confident and proud. Everyone seem excited and happy for me. I hope to maintain it by eating better and having a healthier lifestyle – My goals for 2018! I’m traveling over the holidays and haven’t been feeling that well but I hope to make it out for New Years Eve, but I also would like to get a wardrobe overhaul and find things that would flatter me and not make me look frumpy. If you know a stylist, let me know! Finding clothes that fit have been a bit challenging for me. It’s been so long since I’ve worn fitted and now I have to change the way I shop. Happy Holidays and thank you for following along this amazing journey!


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