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Natural Looking Face Lift with Voluma


There are many days that I find myself looking into the bathroom mirror and wonder where the youthful face that I once had has gone. The stresses of daily life and parenting have put its toll on my youthfulness, and as I get closer and closer every year to my 40th Birthday, I crave that look that I once had. I remember that when I looked younger, I felt younger.

Joan Schiedeck and Fred Schiedeck - Shelby's Grandma

I see my face changing day by day to look a lot like my Grandmother, who had heavy wrinkles and sunken cheeks, but what I have recently learned is that I don’t have to grow old with the signs of aging that she once had too. After beginning treatment at CosmetiCare in Newport Beach, I have found that spunk in my life that I had lost. I began my treatment plan with Botox that erased the wrinkles around my eyes and forehead, and now have fell in love with my skin all over again by getting a natural looking face lift with Voluma.


I never realized how sunken my cheeks had become over the past “30ish” years until getting the injections. There was no pain involved, and the injections took just a few minutes. The results were immediate. I was able to see definition in my face, and when I looked into the mirror for the first time, I began to tear up. I was looking into the mirror and seeing that youthful 20-year-old me that I had missed so much.


Since getting Voluma a couple of weeks ago, I have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel. I have started losing weight, feeling better about myself, and happier. I never expected a simple injection into my cheeks to make such a major impact on my life – but it has.

I realized that I had stopped wearing makeup other than foundation and mascara. I now enjoy wearing blush and eye shadow to emphasize the features of my face. Before Voluma, I was using makeup to hide my face, and I now I wear makeup to make my face shine.


If you’ve been feeling tired and wanting to refresh the way you look, then I recommend making a consultation with CosmetiCare. They will customize a treatment plan to meet your individualized needs, and send you back into the world feeling like a whole new woman.

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