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My truSculpt Second Treatment

By Kara Noel Lawson

Does truSculpt work?
I set out to discover the answer, and now it was time for the moment of truth! I had my first treatment, but it takes a few treatments to get the best results. Now, I can say with confidence: TruSulpt Works! 
I lost an inch around my waist. Woo hoo!
Let me back up a little… Do you know about truSculpt? (I didn’t until I became a Mombassador for CosmetiCare.)
Long version: TruSculpt is a nonsurgical energy-based procedure that delivers therapeutic heat to the deep subcutaneous tissue layer.
Cliff’s Notes: TruSculpt is a med-spa procedure that kills fat cells with heat.
I’ll take it!!!
Since this was my second time, it only took about 45 minutes… which may sound like a long time but you’ll get to chat with my favorite technician, Lisa. The time goes fast!
Wear loose fitting clothes and prepare to be grounded.
You’ll get hooked up with some grounding patches. Painless.
Then chat for a bit and 12 weeks later you’re down an inch!

You can read my mind during a truSculpt treatment by reading my tweets in my first post. After a treatment you HAVE to drink lots of water to flush out all this dead fat cells.

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