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My Lipoabdominoplasty Journey Part V - 6 Weeks Post Op Follow Up!

By Mary Tran

Quick Update

If you are following my mommy makeover journey with CosmetiCare, I want to give you a quick update. I'm back for my six weeks follow-up appointment after lipo-abdominoplasty, and today my surgeon, Dr. Brian Reagan, removed all restrictions! What a sense of relief! Now I can work out again. The first week seemed like the longest, the second week was much better, and the rest is a blur after I started driving again. Many have asked me if it was painful, and I tell them all - I wasn't in pain, just uncomfortable. 
I was only on meds for about a week, and because I am afraid to feel pain, I stayed on top of it.  Everyone at Cosmeticare has consistently been wonderful at every visit, and I was there quite often (about eight visits and counting). Even the office staff held the doors open for me coming off the elevator. It's like they can tell I just had a procedure done, and they wanted to make sure I was comfortable as soon as possible. Sometimes I went straight off the elevator and through the back door so I'm not sitting in the waiting room with others.

Dr. Brian Reagan at CosmetiCare

Getting Stronger - Day by Day

Because walking was super important to recovery and it prevents blood cots, I wasn't afraid to walk. Sometimes I was at amusement parks, and no one could tell I just had burning laser surgery. I often took breaks to make sure I wasn't pushing myself too much. I stayed away from alcohol and coffee just in case. I vaguely remember this but it was really hard walking up hills, and I do remember walking slow like I was in my last trimester of pregnancy. No more! Every day I felt stronger, and I'm about 90% back to my old self. I still try not to carry heavy things out of precaution. Almost all the bruising is gone. I still feel sore and tight in some areas. Friends and family have been extremely supportive. I have had nothing but positive feedback. I get a lot of "You're Brave!" or "You look great!" I am starting to feel sexy and attractive again (more than ever before).

Feeling Confident

I feel more confident and I want people to notice that I look and feel great. My old clothes don't fit anymore because they're all loose fitting. I was excited that I can wear fitted t-shirts again. There is still some swelling, but that will go down over time. My next visit will be at 3 months or 90 days post op. I can't wait to see more results! This journey has been amazing, and I am thankful I am healthy and have recovered so well. I want to thank Dr. Reagan and the Cosmeticare family for taking care of me from beginning to end. If you are considering it at all, I highly recommend reading  cosmetic care newport beach ca reviews before scheduling a free consultation at Cosmeticare so you can see the difference. If you are following my journey and have questions, please don't hesitate to ask! P.S. My readers get a 10% discount - See below! 

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