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My Cool Sculpting Experience at CosmetiCare

My Cool Sculpting Experience at CosmetiCare

When you’re constantly on the move, 6-year-old daughter in hand, and operating 5 award winning restaurants, life can get a bit out of control! Somehow, I still manage to find time to exercise multiple times a week. My workouts mostly consist of multiple spin classes a week, but I’ve noticed that despite all my efforts, I still have a few stubborn areas of fat near my bra and under-arm that bother me.

Bye Bye Bra-rolls! 

After trying to deal with these areas on my own and not seeing any results, I decided to look into Cool Sculpting at CosmetiCare. I was excited about Cool Sculpting because the procedure is not invasive. I didn’t have to worry about surgery or downtime, but I could still get
these unwanted pockets of fat removed permanently – sign me up!
The choice to get this treatment done at CosmetiCare choice was easy for me. Honestly, I would never think about going anywhere else. Dr. Niccole and his team are awesome! I have been a patient of Dr. Niccole’s for over five years and he always goes above and beyond my expectations. 

You Want Me to Put that Where?

The CosmetiCare team walked me through exactly what to expect from Cool Sculpting, while also allowing me to see my potential results through their website. After seeing my simulation, I felt confident on trying coolsculpting before and after at CosmetiCare! You can, try on a treatment too – just click here! 
When I was chatting with the Patient Coordinator at CosmetiCare, she mentioned that Orange Country rhinoplasty options is one of her favorite treatments at CosmetiCare. She told me the Cool Sculpting applicators can be placed in areas like the lower abdomen, inner thighs, back, neck, arms – anywhere you feel self-conscious.
No special diets or needles … I am in!
She also let me know that each procedure takes about 30-45 minutes per treatment area, so she encouraged me to bring my laptop so I could work from there. You will have a lot of downtime depending on how many treatments you get. Another tip from Janelle was to eat a good breakfast! 

My First Cool Sculpting Treatment at CosmetiCare

During my treatment Angel, the CosmetiCare esthetician, put the sculpting machine on my problem areas. These applicators create the “sucking” force. It also releases the cooling factor that freezes the unwanted fat cells. It feels so weird! But doesn’t hurt at all and the fact that I was able to get work done while also being treated was amazing!
Once the Cool Sculpting applicators were removed, the treatment area looked a bit weird and feels slimy, but that faded quickly.
Afterwards, Angel massaged the treated areas to help merge my frozen fat cells with the nearby fat cells to break down even more fat cells … pretty cool, right?

The Cool Side to Cool Sculpting

Overall my experience with Cool Sculpting at CosmetiCare was awesome! I am shocked at how pain free and easy the process was. I’ll be heading back in a few weeks for my second treatment. I can’t wait to share my results in a few months! 
Want to check out Cool Sculpting for yourself? Book a free consult and save 10% on Cool Sculpting using my code Alicia100 when you call or book online.

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