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My Body Sculpting Journey Results at CosmetiCare

By Catheryn Cervantes

My Body Sculpting Journey Results at CosmetiCare

With the healing beyond me, I'm sharing my before and after results from my body sculpting procedure I had at CosmetiCare so you get a real comparative of what my results were. Not everyones results will be the same of course but the changes I experienced were more than satisfactory. I had a major delay in sharing this post that had nothing to do with my surgery but caused me to hold off on the next steps in building on my results. After my 2 month check in with my doctor I was very excited to put my results out there and get started at the gym to further my progress. I was hit with pneumonia and was laid up for over 2 months. The cough was the hardest to kick making it very difficult to exert myself. With that finally behind me I have started to get out more and my endurance has returned.

I will say looking at these before pictures, I just am in shock as to how far I let myself go. I mean that "bra strap" area is something I rarely saw and seeing the pictures was a huge wake up call. How often do we really stand naked looking at our entire body? It's not about being the skinniest or the fittest but loving the body you are in. The previous body of mine was one I was able to cover up extremely well with the right clothes, in my after pictures you will see I am more confident and most importantly comfortable with my new shape. With the big 50 less than 2 years away, this was the biggest step for me to welcoming it with open arms.

My Results in Numbers:

During my procedure almost 5 liters of fat were removed from the following areas: Arms, chin, stomach and flanks resulting in an overall loss of 10 pounds of targeted fat the day of my surgery. My total weight lose to date is 15 pounds. Clothing, I have dropped 1-2 dress/pant sizes and around 3" off my waist. Now you might think, meh 15 pounds, thats not all that much but let me put it to you this way. If you were to loose 15 pounds, that weight would be taken mostly from your total body area. My 15 pounds were removed from very specific targeted areas creating a more dramatic impact on my overall shape. And the pounds removed were ALL fat where many will loose water weight those first pounds. Important thing to remember, Liposuction is not meant for a weight loss fix, it's to sculpt and trim fat from specific trouble areas, the weight loss I achieved was a huge bonus!

After pictures of chin and arm, I love the results! 

My final thoughts on my results and my experience with CosmetiCare... I'm ecstatic! The area that took the longest to fully recover funny enough was my chin area, I couldn't fully smile for a couple months. I'm still adjusting to shopping for new clothes and the changes in my size. My existing wardrobe has opened up again allowing me to fit into some of my favorite staples I have been saving for that "what if I loose weight" time in my life, you know what I'm talking about we all do it. It wasn't a magical overnight change, your body is literally still adjusting at the 6 month point. I am feeling great, love the results and was happy to get that fat off! I will say the hardest part was seeing my little girl struggle with understanding just what happened to me (post surgery). Now I move onto maintaining and further defining my shape because I am not getting any younger and as they say move it or loose it (or gain it back in this case)!

This is an awesome service offered at CosmetiCare! And as you can see in the above pictures I posted the simulation is right on! 

Think it's something you would consider? There's no time better than the present, the sooner you get started, the soon you will be to your end results! Go get a free consultation at CosmetiCare and if you do decide to have this done be sure to mention the discount code CATHERYN100 to get 10% off. I've linked my entire journey below along with info on financing options and how to select the best doctor. I can't think of a better gift to give yourself.

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