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Mother Daughter Facials at CosmetiCare

By Shelby Barone

As my daughter has started to become a teenager, it has become necessary for me to teach her how to care for her skin. Not only do I want her to care for her skin, but I also want be a good example by having healthy skincare habits and getting facials on a regular basis. Ever since I have begun having skincare treatments at CosmetiCare, I have noticed an increase in my self-confidence, and my skin is always glowing.
While getting a facial during the holidays, I talked with the esthetician about the break-outs that my daughter was experiencing. She offered to use some high-frequency ultrasonic waves on her forehead to help battle the break-out. Within hours, my daughter noticed that the blemishes began to disappear, and she immediately realized why it is important for her to start having facials on a regular basis.

When it came time to plan for my daughter’s first facial experience, I wanted to be there with her to help support her through the process, so I made arrangements to have our HydraFacials together.
Together we entered the private room at CosmetiCare that was peaceful and relaxing. The esthetician made my daughter comfortable and explained the whole process to her before getting started. Once the facial began, I could see my daughter’s stress and anxiety melt away as she was pampered with the relaxing HydraFacial. She did have some slight discomfort during the extraction process, but the esthetician was very attentive and careful to ensure that my daughter didn’t experience any pain, and had a positive experience.

Once her facial was complete, she was glowing. Her skin was hydrated, exfoliated, and clean. We had taken a before/after photo that shows what a different a HydraFacial can make with clearing up teen acne.

Then it was my turn. I was able to connect with my mind, body, and soul while experiencing the lavish spa therapy. It was a much-needed indulgence at Orange County’s extraordinary med spa. I could feel my skin become hydrated during the treatment, and when it was complete, I felt like a new me.

As the days past following the facial, my daughter and I both noticed that our skin continued to improve with every day, and my daughter’s breakouts never came back. Since having her facial, she has been committed to cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating her skin on a more frequent basis. Having mother/daughter facials is something that we plan to continue doing together on a monthly basis at CosmetiCare for years to come.

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