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Microneedling: My Experience at CosmetiCare

By Beth Jones

I’m so excited to be back sharing about a new treatment I received as a CosmetiCare Mom Ambassador. After having such great success with the IPL treatments (I’ve had two and LOVE my results), I was ready to experience another treatment to work on the texture and overall appearance of my skin… so next up.. Microneedling.
Microneedling creates micro “injuries” in the skin that triggers new collagen synthesis… basically resulting in smoother, firmer, younger looking skin – YES PLEASE!!
And, here is how it went…

For this treatment, I was attended to by Lisa.. she listened to me chit chat about the areas I think need work and then informed me about the details of the treatment ahead.
She created such a peaceful and calm enviroment, I was ready for relaxation.. and almost a nap.. haha!

 Before we got started I jumped on SNAPCHAT to share my “in-the-moment” thoughts.. follow me by username bjonesstyle at SNAPCHAT for daily thoughts and activities.
 Lisa prepared my skin by turning on the steam, cleansing my skin and soothing my face with a warm towel.. like I said.. I was ready for a nap!
 She then began the microneedling. Like other treatments I received, I thought I was going to need a numbing cream.. but I didn’t. Basically, microneedling feels like a course stone being rubbed on your skin.. not painful at all. It’s noticable.. but doesn’t hurt or irritate.

She kept my skin hydrated throughout the whole process.. making sure the mirconeedle glided over my skin gently.
 After the treatment my skin was pink and felt tight.. but not painful at all.
 Lisa then “ironed” out all my wrinkles.. not really.. but she gave me a platinum experience by using this handy little tool to smooth out my skin.. it was heavenly!

And, finally she treated my skin with the above products to have the best “post-treatment” results.
I’m one week out and have seen a change in the texture of my skin.. it feels smoother and plumper. I’m definitely feeling fit and FABULOUS!!!

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