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Kybella Results - My Transformation

by Jennifer Willey

After my first treatment of Kybella at CosmetiCare I was anxious to see my results. I carefully watched the swelling go down each week from the initial injections, not seeing a whole lot of difference. Was it really working? Was Kybella a good fit for me? 
Within the first couple of days of the initial treatment at Cosmeticare I was really swollen. My chin seemed to double in size and when I moved my head it jiggled, kind of like Jello. However, no one seemed to notice. I was watching my transformation with what seemed like a magnifying glass. I was even more self conscious of my appearance. As the days and weeks went on the swelling reduced and my chin seemed to go back to what seemed normal for me. Below is what I looked like 2 weeks after my first Kybella treatment.
My MedSpa provider and I determined I would need another treatment so we set up an appointment scheduled for six weeks after my initial treatment. At that time, I would see the full effect of the Kybella serum.

In the above pictures, you can see quite a difference in my chin after 4 weeks. My double chin appears to be a lot smaller. In the profile picture below,  you can see the difference 6 weeks makes from my initial Kybella treatment. My double chin does appear as though it is not as full. In looking at these two sets of photos, I am very excited about my Kybella results, and am looking forward to seeing my full transformation once I’ve finished all of my treatments.

As stated in the last post regarding Kybella, most patients need 3 treatments, each scheduled 6 weeks apart for the full benefit of the treatment. However, not all experiences show the same results. Stay tuned for the final results.
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