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Hydrafacial: My Experience at Cosmeticare

by Beth Jones

Photos by Christa Norman
If you had the chance to watch my birthday vlog, you may have realized my birthday is a big deal to me. I put a lot of prep into my birthday and always like to feel my best on the day I turn a year older. So.. with this is mind.. I booked my last treatment at CosmetiCare as a Mom Ambassador… a Hydrafacial.
From what I had heard, it was the best facial to feel fresh and glowing. So on the brink of my 36th birthday I stepped into the Cosmeticare Medspa with high hopes.
And they didn’t dissapoint.

The process involved skin cleansing with exfoliation. With the help of a deplaning tool that felt like toothbrush on my face, the pores on my skin were gently opened up and cleansed to remove the uppermost layer of dead skin cells.
Then, the extraction process ensued with the help of a nozzle that sucked into the skin’s surface, cleaning off clogged pores gently but with precision.
Finally, after going through multiple steps and tools, a serum was applied using another tool. The serum contained anti-oxidants and collagen that helped to give the skin smoothness, suppleness and hydration.
And.. take a look at the results.. they were instant! Skin pigmentation was lessened, the skin was plumped up in all the right areas.. and honestly I felt SUPER GLOWY and a little younger than 36.
I would highly recommend this treatment for a special occasion or just a little pampering!

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